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Textbook on the history of Arab Muslim philosophy is out of print

2020 Oct 01

The Ibn Sina Foundation in cooperation with the Akademichesky Proyekt and Sadra publishing houses has published a textbook on «The History of Arab Muslim Philosophy».

The textbook was prepared by the RAS Institute of Philosophy team headed by its director, academician A.V. Smirnov. This textbook represents a revised and enlarged edition of the two-volume «History of Arab Muslim Philosophy» published in 2013. This is a unique Russian edition that is very popular with those engaged in philosophy an oriental studies.

The textbook covers the whole range of Islamic philosophical thought, starting from the emergence of philosophical reflection to the present day. It covers the major schools of the classical period, such as mu’tazilism, falsafa, enlightenment philosophy, philosophical teachings of Ismailites and Sufis. Ibn Khaldun's concept and philosophy of the Safavid era represent the postclassical stage. The philosophical quest of contemporary Arab Muslim thinkers is also described in detail. The author examines the features of Islamic texts (the Qur’an and Sunnah), the main characteristics of the Islamic faith, law and ethics, which define the mindset of Muslims.

The authors compiled an anthology of Arab Muslim philosophy in accordance with the textbook structure. Many translations in the book were prepared specifically for this publication or were edited and complemented with updated commentary. It is for the first time that we can see the works representing the entire tradition of Arab Muslim philosophy in one book.

The book is intended for those studying philosophy, oriental studies, religious studies, cultural studies and all those interested in Muslim culture.

Last modified on 2020 Oct 05