Ibn Sina Foundation

Calligrapher Naila Lotfi donates an artwork to the Ibn Sina foundation

2021 Apr 07

On April 7, 2021, the calligrapher Naila Lotfi presented an Iranian calligraphy artwork to Seyyed Nasser Tabai, vice-president of the Ibn Sina Foundation.

The artwork was created jointly by Naila Lotfi (concept and design) and Nasser Tawoosi, a renowned Iranian calligrapher (calligraphy), using oil, acrylic and goldplating technique.

The canvas features the words 'Fatima az-Zahra' written in Arabic. The calligraphy resembles a raindrop on the sky background. Golden and blue hues were chosen for a reason. Naila said: "A raindrop is the life-giving force that brings Fatima az-Zahra (which means “radiant, shining” in Arabic) into the pure and clear space, surrounded by love, care and respect.

This bright and meaningful work will definitely become a centre-piece of the Ibn Sina Foundation’s collection.

Naila Lotfi is an artist, mosaicist, calligrapher.

Nasser Tawoosi is a doctor of philosophy, member of the Supreme Council of the Iranian Calligraphers' Association, calligrapher, art conservator, expert in manuscripts

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