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Prophets and Sahaba

Children’s books

2017 Nov 23

The Islamic Culture Research Foundation and the Moscow Islamic Institute contributed to the creation of a special book series for children that would allow school students to know more about some exemplary personalities. This refers to the prophets whose name are well-known in all Abrahamic religions, as well as sahaba — loyal companions of the Prophet Muhammad.

The first children’s books about prophets and sahaba were published in the end of 2016 and officially presented at the International Book Fair for High-Quality Fiction and Non-Fiction “non/fictio№ 18”.

The series currently includes seven books:

1) “The story of the Prophet Noah’s life” (it is devoted to the first of the five great prophets sent to people by Allah, according to the Islamic teachings);

2) “The message that pierced the sky” (The book describes the events that took place in Antioch during the Prophet Jesus’ times);

3) “The pearl of the Quraysh tribe” (a story about Amina, the Prophet Muhammad’s mother, her life and the special place she holds in the history of Islam);

4) “The owner of the house of light” (a story about a companion of the Prophet Muhammad, Abu Ayyub al-Ansari, one of the poorest Muslims in Yasrib);

5) “Stories about the Prophet” (collection of short stories from the life of the Prophet Muhammad based on hadiths and adapted for young readers);

6) “The stories of Sahaba” (collection of five short enlightening stories about different characters, companions of the Prophet Muhammad);

7) “Ten stories about Ashura” (collection of ten stories based on real events that took place long time ago in a place called Karbala).

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