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Ibn Sina Foundation

Summer course "Iranian Studies: Past, Present, Future"


The Ibn Sina Foundation in cooperation with the Islamic Research Institute for Culture and Thought (Iran), the Institute of Civilization, the Institute of Oriental Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences, the Eastern Cultural Centre of the RAS Institute of Oriental Studies, the State Museum of the East and the Hayyam Cultural Centre will organize an interdisciplinary summer course entitled "Iranian Studies: Past, Present, Future".

The course will include lectures on mysticism and Sufism, Iranian history, Iranian art, Iranian anthropology, Persian language and the contemporary politics and international relations of Iran. The course consists of 23 lectures and will take place online at the Zoom platform between July 07, 2023 - July 30, 2023.

The course is meant to introduce Iranian history and culture to the Russian-speaking audience. The course intends to cover the ancient, medieval and modern history of Iran, Iranian politics and international relations, Sufism and Iranian Islamic mysticism, ethnography and geography of the modern Republic of Iran, as well as the history of Iranian art.

The course was developed based on the importance of the topics and the lack of relevant academic information in the Russian-speaking world. The lectures will be delivered by leading Russian and Iranian experts in these fields.

For the course description and registration, please use the following link: http://clck.ru/34uEY7

Last modified on 2023 Jul 06