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12th issue of the Islamology journal published with the support of Ibn Sina Foundation


The Ibn Sina Foundation has contributed to the publication of the electronic and paper version of the 12th volume of “Islamology”, an academic journal on Islam and Muslim societies. This volume is dedicated to Iranian Sufism, Sufism on the territory of Russia, and the question of Ummah and power in the early Soviet period.

The first issue deals with the following topics:

1) "Dogmatic principles and rituals of the Naqshbandiyya tariqat" (Hamed Naji Esfahani);

2) "Tariqat and trade: Naqshbandiyya’s commercial activities in the Timurid era" (Faridun Allahyari, Mortaza Nurai, Ali Rasuli);

3) "Written legacy of Khwajagan/Naqshbandiyya followers in the period of tariqat formation and the role of Persian language" (Mohammad Suri);

4) "Persian manuscripts on Sufism in the collection of the Scientific Library of the Kazan Federal University" (Alsu Arslanova);

5) "Ulema and Confessional Policy of the Eastern Department of the Joint State Political Directorate in Tashkent (19171927)" (Daniil Melentyev).

The issues also features two reviews:

1) Jasser Auda. The objectives of Shariah: (beginner’s guide)/Jasser Auda; translation, comments and introduction by K. Gasimov; International Institute of Islamic Thought. Idrak Private Association.  Moscow: Marjani Publishing House, 2015.  192 p. (Dinara Mardanova);

2) Dawlatshah al-Ispijabi. Burkhan az-zakirin ("Evidence for those who remember"); research by A.K. Bustanova and Dinara Mardanova; translation from Persian and comments by E.L. Nikitenko, translation from Chagatai by A.K. Bustanova.  Moscow: OOO "Sadra", 2020.  240 p. (Shamil Shikhaliev).

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The Islamology journal was launched by the Marjani Foundation in 2007 and quickly became one of the leading academic periodicals in Russia related to the studies of Islam and Muslim societies. Until 2014, it was known as Pax Islamica.

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