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Annemarie Schimmel's encyclopaedia on Sufism "The World of Islamic Mysticism" has been reissued


The long-awaited 3rd edition of Annemarie Schimmel's famous work "The World of Islamic Mysticism" translated from English by N.I. Prigarina and A.S. Rapoport has been out of print. The book was prepared with the support of the Ibn Sina Foundation and the Institute of Oriental Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences and the University of North Carolina Press. It is different from the 2012 edition only in terms of design.

Annemarie Schimmel is one of the leading experts on Sufism in the world. In her work, she reveals the history of medieval Sufism, introduces the reader to the most famous Islamic mystics and movements, describes the main aspects of Islamic mysticism and the symbolism of Arabic and Persian poetry.

This book, which is called an encyclopaedia on Sufism for a good reason, has been written in a simple and compelling language and is intended for all those interested in Islamic culture.

Last modified on 2023 Aug 08