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R.V. Pskhu's textbook "Situational Hermeneutics as a Method of Philosophical Textuality" has been republished


The second revised edition of the textbook "Situational Hermeneutics as a Method of Philosophical Textology" by Ruzana Pskhu, Doctor of Philosophy, Head of the Centre for Indian Philosophy and Culture Studies "Puroshottama" at the Peoples' Friendship University of Russia, has been recently published.

This very special textbook draws on not only on research but also on the author's 25 years of personal experience, which includes reading and translating texts related to the major philosophical traditions of Eurasia (in Sanskrit, Latin, Ancient Greek, Arabic, English, French, German). The author analyzes the specific features of philosophical texts in foreign languages (mostly Sanskrit, Arabic and newer European languages), philosophical terminology and their translation into Russian. The original texts used as examples are related to all these traditions. It is impossible to define the distinguishing features of a philosophical text without addressing the challenges of translation studies and philosophical theories of translation. The book has a strong focus on this aspect. The textbook also includes a section that outlines the principles of working with a philosophical text in a foreign language.

The book offers assignments and working texts that would facilitate reading and analysis of complex philosophical texts.

The textbook has been prepared for printing by the Sadra publishing house together with the Patrice Lumumba Peoples' Friendship University of Russia.

Last modified on 2023 Aug 09