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LectOrient educational platform

LectOrient is an educational project supported by the Ibn Sina Islamic Culture Research Foundation since 2022. LectOrient programmes are aimed at teaching all aspects of Eastern culture and Iranian culture, history, philosophy, economics, law, literature, Persian and Arabic language.

The project website contains courses and lectures from leading experts in Oriental studies, Islamic studies, Persian and Arabic language teachers, specialists in Islamic law, economics, literature and other humanities.

The main partners of the LectOrient project are Russian and Iranian universities and research institutes, such as Moscow State University, Higher School of Economics, Russian State University of Humanities, Russian Academy of Sciences, Institute of Oriental Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Institute of Philosophy of the Russian Academy of Sciences. The students have access to an extensive knowledge base, which allows them to work on different subjects independently. Upon the completion of the course, students can obtain a certificate.

LectOrient courses covers the following areas:

– history of Iran, Persian language and literature;

– history of Islam in Russia and other countries;

– Islamic economics, philosophy and law;

– Islamic philosophy: past and present;

– Persian calligraphy;

– Sufism and social processes in the East;

– history of Islamic and Christian dialogue;

– Persian and Arabic language.

The project scope will not be limited to these topics, and new subjects are expected to be added.

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